June 2013

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June 2013

Ernest is excited to get back to work after being out of commission for the past month with a broken leg. While he’s still on crutches at least physical therapy has started and he’s able to make the commute from the bedroom to the studio. Ernest is awaiting the newest release of phones from Motorolla for which he did quite a few original ringtones, alarms and alerts. Before breaking his leg he did a few custom music projects for APM. The Studio got a new piece of gear; an LA610 pre and compressor as well as an universal audio pci card so we can start using all of the wonderful plug-ins from UA. We are also currently working on designing a room treatment package for the mix room. Ernest is excited to start on a mix and master project for Putti Village. He traveled there over a year and 1/2 ago to record the putti chorus with Mike Cohen, and now the supplemental tracking is finally finished. The Adzentoivich Music library has had quite a few placements in the past few months with everything from indie films to network programs. Ernest is excited to get back to work on a few new released for the library.

Festival news; Jen Gerber’s “Soul Winner” has recently screened at the Little Rock Film Festival, it won best student program award at the VGIK International Student Festival in Moscow, it will be screening at the Manhattan Film Festival, it won the Indie Spirit Special Recognition Award at the Boston Film Festival! and is screening at the Champs-Elysees Film Festival June 12-18th.


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