June 2015

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June 2015

I’ve been tardy with updates as of late. Been busy in the studio over here in Culver City. Since the last update I’ve done a lot of post mix work for Jon Matthews. He has had a lot of commercial mixes and different film projects. I’ve done music on some and mixing on most everything he has done since working on his doc. We had a successful kickstarter campaign for a new documentary we are going to be producing called Psalms, that is going to be shooting in Putti Village in Uganda. We have some great musicians coming with us as well as Katy Scoggin (Citizen 4). I’ve been doing some drum work and mixing for Seal’s live show with my good friend Warren Johnson. I finished up scoring a short called “My Best Friends Death” which has been making the festival rounds and is screening this week at Gruman’s Chinese theater in Hollywood as part of Dances with Films festival. This film was directed by the awesome team of Mccoy and Meyer, who I also done some┬ácommercial scoring for earlier this year. I’ve also been doing some supervision sound work and some mixing for a few VR projects. I got to test some great microphones from Audeze as well as testing some of their amazing headphones.

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