As a composer and producer…

..sure, you can shake your body to these huge beats and enticing textures, but there always seems to be something important happening in these songs. . songs take you on a journey that is mystical, even while the couple next to you flails away like dervishes. This is a treat. —American Newspaper Group

…Ultra-tasty drum & bass from NYC. This one is going straight into my “listen to it at home” stack. —Keyboard

I must also give my respect to the string arrangements so beautifully produced by Ernest Adzentoivich, whom also plays bass and adds percussion to the recording. The strings add a dimension to rock music that offers a richer and more meaningful ‘push’ into the listener’s consciousness. —Review of Greg Annussek’s Little Palaces

the sensitive production of Ernest Adzentoivich, who adds lush string arrangements, also helps set this album apart from many other melancholy forays.Songwriter magazine

…menacing bass lines, spin through a variety of complex and enveloping textures en route to combining to form a final product both danceable and meditative. —All Music Guide

…provides a rich tapestry of electronic sound which bodes well for the future. —Barcode

…wonderful music to work by, but better to dance to. —New Haven Advocate

…this is not street music, nor is it urban, this tuneage is set on an investigation of savage realms beyond the concept of civilization, where sound and intellect blend to bring into existence a teeth-grinding yet hypnotic experience. —Sonic Curiosity

…a high degree of electronic musicianship. The production is razor sharp, which make the percussion and sequencing more appreciated. psychedelic fx’d serpent-conjuring flute, gooey dub rhythms, campy piano/guitar touches, symphonic-techno keys… in other words, a lot! I’m not trying to describe this in a linear fashion, but don’t worry, it’s all totally coherent and composed. —Aural Innovations

This would work very well in a film soundtrack where an action sequence required pulse pounding intensity to accompany the moving images. tracks that are clearly NOT like all other copycats. This is fresh, original work capable of transcending the age and genre boundaries that are sometimes foolishly set up as limitations. Starvox


As a Bassist…

…Ernest Adzentoivich’s sinister, dissonant upright bass… —Time Out NY

…bassist Ernie Adzentoivich is stellar at keeping up the low end of the jam. His stage presence is natural and his style is smooth and effortless, making the bass just as prevalent as the thumping drums. —Clark University Scarlet

…but the most fun comes from bassist Ernie Adzentoivich, the driving force behind Plexus’ eight tracks. Delusions of Adequacy

…bassist Ernie Adzentoivich the deep, subsonic tone coloring… Ink 19

…poised downtempo bass breaks to rumble and writhe all around… FREQ Music E-Zine


As a conductor…

In The Bed, which recalls Caroline’s suicide, the pure voices of a children’s choir float to join the singer as he muses, ‘Oh, oh, oh, what a feeling,’ and linger after he’s done in ghostly, wordless swoops of dissonance that met a stunned silence at St. Ann’s. —Jon Pareles, The New York Times 12/16/06

The brilliance of Reed’s writing for Berlin was the irony of combinations… [including] the blinding melancholy of  “Sad Song”, especially when the Brooklyn Youth Chorus went into a breathtaking loop of the title chorus, soaring and diving in defiantly bright grandeur. —David Fricke, Rolling Stone 12/15/06

The choir added numerous ethereal touches, including spooky vocal swirls on the suicide-themed number The Bed.Frank Scheck, Reuters 12/19/06